End of the Year in Dripping Spring

New Year’s Eve and Christmas Traditions

As we wrap up another fabulous year, let’s take a leaf out of Weekly Drip’s final episode for 2023, hosted by the ever-energetic Ashley and Amber. Season 4, Episode 44 wasn’t just a sign-off for the year; it was a treasure trove of local happenings, personal anecdotes, and some quirky ideas to spice up our festive celebrations.

Food Galore: It seems like our hosts have a soft spot for non-traditional festive foods. From black-eyed peas stew, a staple for New Year’s, to the more unconventional ‘basic white girl tacos’ for Christmas, it’s all about ease and enjoyment. Remember, no judgment here if your Christmas dinner doesn’t fit the ‘norm’!

Local Events in Dripping Springs

If you’re wondering about New Year’s Eve plans in Dripping Springs, the Weekly Drip has got you covered. They mentioned some enticing local events like a brunch at Dripping Springs Distilling and a family-friendly party at Epic Fun with a balloon sunset drop. Not to mention, Suds Monkey Brewery’s ball drop and Mercer Street Dance Hall’s live music are sure to add zest to your celebrations.

Dripping Springs New Years Eve 2023

Midnight Countdown – Yay or Nay? Ashley and Amber shared their personal preferences for New Year’s Eve – from staying up late to cozying in bed by 10 PM. It’s a mixed bag, and that’s okay. What’s your style for the countdown?

Pickleball and Axe Throwing – The New Recreational Favorites: Yes, you heard that right. Our hosts are all for trying new things. Pickleball (described hilariously as giant ping pong) and axe throwing at Driftwood Dugout are on their list. Maybe it’s time to add these to your 2024 resolution list?

Talk Pickles and Margaritas!

Pickle Margaritas? In a fun twist, Ashley and Amber discussed Matthew McConaughey’s pickle margarita recipe. Tequila, pickle juice, lime, and a sprinkle of Tajín – could this be your new favorite cocktail?

Wrapping Up With Gratitude

As the episode drew to a close, our hosts expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the community. It’s this sense of togetherness that makes Dripping Springs special.

Looking Ahead: With promises of coming back recharged for Season 5, Ashley and Amber bid adieu to 2023. What a year it’s been!

This finale episode of Weekly Drip wasn’t just about signing off; it was about embracing the unique, the non-traditional, and the local vibes of Dripping Springs. Whether you’re planning a low-key New Year’s Eve, exploring new hobbies, or just spending time with loved ones, remember, it’s all about making memories.

Happy Holidays, Dripping Springs! Let’s make the end of 2023 as unique and special as our community is.