Wellness in Dripping Springs

Hello, Dripping Springs community and friends far and wide! It’s 2024, and what better way to start the year than with a burst of fresh energy and positivity? Weekly Drip’s Season 5 just launched, and Episode 1 was nothing short of inspiring, packed with personal reflections, wellness tips, and local community updates. Missed the live chat between Ashley and Amber? Here’s what you need to know, along with some added gems for your wellness journey.

Embracing the New Year with Personal Growth

New Year, New Approach: This year, Ashley and Amber are redefining their approach to the New Year. Instead of sticking to traditional resolutions, they’re focusing on continuous goal setting throughout the year. Amber, in particular, shared how the “12-week year” strategy has revolutionized her approach to both business and personal development.

A Word to Define the Year: Ashley’s chosen word for 2024 is “confidence,” focusing not just on how others see her, but on strengthening her inner voice. It’s a powerful reminder for all of us to foster self-belief and positive self-dialogue.

Health and Fitness in Dripping Springs

Celebrating Achievements: A major shoutout to Ashley for losing over 50 pounds! Now, her goal is to maintain this healthier lifestyle. It’s a testament to the idea that health is an ongoing journey, not a one-time goal.

Outdoor Adventures and Geocaching: Exploring the outdoors, especially through activities like geocaching, was a highlight of their conversation. Dripping Springs offers beautiful trails perfect for these adventures, making fitness a fun and exciting endeavor.

Discover Local Wellness and Fitness Options

Yoga and Beyond: Looking for a yoga class? Del Sol Yoga and House of Flow Yoga offer an array of options. Remember, yoga is more than physical exercise; it’s about achieving mind-body harmony. And interestingly, Del Sol Yoga also offers Kung Fu!

Massage and Self-care: Treat yourself to a relaxing massage at Indigo Healing and Acupuncture. With therapists like Faith, you’re in for a session that caters to both relaxation and healing.

Unique Fitness Classes: The community offers a diverse range of fitness activities. From barre to rucking groups (hiking with weights), there’s something for everyone. And for a mix of fun and fitness, don’t miss out on Vino Vinyasa and goat yoga events!

Wellness for Mind and Soul

Book Recommendation: Colin O’Brady’s “12 Hour Walk” comes highly recommended. The book encourages taking a break from our digital lives to reconnect with ourselves through a 12-hour walk. A simple, yet profound way to rejuvenate mentally and emotionally.

The Weekly Drip Book Club

Join the Weekly Drip Book Club for an engaging reading experience. Currently, they’re exploring fantasy with dragon-themed books, but there’s a variety for every reader.

Mark your calendars for some fun at the bingo night at the VFW hall in Wimberley on January 26th, doubling as a celebration for Ashley’s birthday!

Wrapping Up

As 2024 unfolds, let’s focus on balance, wellness, and community. Whether it’s through setting goals, enjoying the outdoors, or trying a new fitness class, there are countless ways to make this year one of growth and happiness. Stay connected for more insights and stories from Ashley and Amber in Weekly Drip, and let’s make this year memorable!

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