Churches in Dripping Springs TX

Churches in Dripping Springs, Texas, offer diverse faith-based communities where individuals can explore religious and spiritual concepts and deepen their understanding of God’s word. From the vibrant energy of Austin Ridge to the peaceful atmosphere of New Life Lutheran, these churches have something for everyone.

Dripping Springs United Methodist

Dripping Springs United Methodist has served the community for over two hundred years. With a strong focus on social justice and community outreach, this church offers multiple worship opportunities and plenty of fellowship.

New Life Lutheran Church

New Life Lutheran Church provides traditional services and recreational activities for adults and youth alike. Austin Ridge Church is another great option, with ministry programs and events that inspire members to serve others locally and globally.

Bannockburn Church

Bannockburn Church stands out from other preaching establishments because it emphasizes Biblical studies and Scripture-centered teaching. Faith Bible Church focuses on strengthening relationships through study and prayer together.

Life Dripping Spring Church

Life Dripping Spring Church builds up its members by helping them grow spiritually while making meaningful connections. Hill Country Bible Church offers unique adult and youth classes that teach important life skills while exploring Christian values and beliefs.

First Baptist Church

First Baptist offers traditional Sunday services and multiple weekly gatherings to provide members with a chance to stay connected with one another.

Church of the Springs

Church of the Springs brings an inviting atmosphere that encourages modern-day families to explore the depths of their faith together. Finally, Holy Spirit Episcopal matches its parishioners with experienced counselors specializing in spiritual guidance during hardship and transition.

Home Church Dripping Springs

Home Church Dripping Springs is a thriving, non-denominational church with diverse worshippers and activities. Located in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, this welcoming congregation meets weekly for prayer, worship, and fellowship. Led by Pastor Paul and his wife Teresa, Home Church offers an open-hearted sense of community. Services are held online and in person, so everyone in the local community can come together and grow in their faith.

Resonate Church

Resonate Church strives to provide spiritual guidance through meaningful worship experiences. Offering services in English, Spanish, and even sign language, Resonate Church makes sure that everyone feels welcome and accepted, no matter their background or language. With outreach programs, bible studies, youth groups, and a dynamic teaching pastor on staff, Resonate Church is a cornerstone of the Dripping Springs community.

Gateway Church Dripping Springs

Gateway Church Dripping Springs is an interdenominational Christian church serving the twin cities of Austin and Dripping Springs. Committed to creating safe and inviting spaces for locals to explore faith and build meaningful relationships, Gateway’s small group ministry seeks to create real connections between members. In addition to services and events focused on spiritual growth and fellowship, Gateway serves the wider community through outreach programs like feeding the hungry and housing homeless people.

Dripping Springs Presbyterian

Dripping Springs Presbyterian is a friendly, family-focused church at the heart of the Dripping Springs community. With a strong emphasis on developing a personal relationship with Christ and reaching out to those in need, Dripping Springs Presbyterian works hard to ensure its members feel welcome and accepted, regardless of their age, culture, or background. Weekly services offer a powerful connection and inspiring sermons from the church’s compassionate pastors.

Dripping Springs Church of Christ

Dripping Springs Church of Christ creates an inclusive atmosphere where all ideas can be shared and explored. A thoughtful combination of traditional worship practices and modern methods helps create a welcoming and engaging experience for newcomers and long-time members. The church also offers educational programs for children and various adult Bible study classes for those looking to deepen their knowledge of God’s word.

St Sophia Orthodox Church

St Sophia Orthodox Church provides a unique way to experience the fullness of liturgical Christianity in Dripping Springs. All are welcome to visit St Sophia to experience Russian-style singing of psalms and efficient chanting of majority prayers accompanied by incense wafting through the air. Drawing on centuries of spiritual tradition, St Sophia offers visitors a taste of a sacred place filled with ancient mystery.

Cowboy Church of the Hill Country

Cowboy Church of the Hill Country brings together people from many different walks of life with one common passion: Jesus Christ. Services are filled with great music, empowering messages, meaningful conversations, and a real acceptance and belonging for all attendees. Beyond weekly meetings, Cowboy Church offers a variety of retreats and mission trips to help individuals grow in their faith and service to Christ.

Sunset Canyon Baptist Church

Sunset Canyon Baptist Church has become known for its uplifting messages, which blend ancient biblical teachings with modern-day realities. Over thirty years ago, Sunset Canyon Baptist grew into a loving community whose mission is “to make more followers of Jesus Christ in Dripping Springs through preaching the gospel and teaching others about His love.” The church’s meticulous restoration projects have added beauty and charm to this historic village in the Texas hill country.

Foundation Church

Foundation Church is committed to creating an environment where all can express their faith freely without judgment or fear. By fostering unity in diversity, Foundation Church offers welcoming services for all beliefs and backgrounds while emphasizing the importance of seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Through volunteer work, small group gatherings, conferences, and outreaches, Foundation Church allows believers to know God better and find purpose.

Redeemer Dripping Springs

Redeemer Dripping Springs is a modern evangelical church that provides a range of activities such as Bible study classes, social events, and youth programs. The congregation focuses on the value of Christian fellowship and strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all community members.

Kings Porch

Kings Porch is a nondenominational church that believes in providing an open-minded approach to experiencing God. They believe in spreading love and acceptance to everyone regardless of background and beliefs. Each Sunday, Kings Porch offers inspiring worship services, children’s classes, and other activities throughout the week.

Friendship Creekside

Friendship Creekside is a vibrant and diverse church near Onion Creek’s banks. Their services reflect traditional and contemporary Christian worship styles, supplemented with exciting music videos and relevant sermon topics. In addition to weekly services, Friendship Creekside also hosts special events such as movie nights, retreats, and even trips to local attractions.

Real Life Church

Real Life Church is focused on creating a family atmosphere of acceptance and growth. This mission-oriented church involves its members in outreach activities such as homeless ministries, food pantries, and various volunteer programs. Real Life Church also offers small groups and regular bible studies to help members strengthen their relationships with Jesus.

St. Martin de Porress Roman Catholic Church

St. Martin de Porress Roman Catholic Church is a historic church just north of downtown Dripping Springs. With a beautiful sanctuary, dedicated choir, and multiple masses daily, it is easy to feel the sense of holiness in this space. St. Martin’s has been serving the Catholic community for over fifty years and continues to uphold its tradition of loving service and hospitality.


The churches in Dripping Springs are truly dedicated to meeting the needs of their congregation. With so many diverse options available, no doubt anyone can find the perfect place to draw near to God.