New Homes for Sale in Double L Ranch

Dripping Springs Future Homes in Double L Ranch

The Double L Ranch development northwest of downtown Dripping Springs is bringing a new level of residential development to the area. With 2,231 homes set to make their mark on the area, this master-planned community looks to bring big changes to Dripping Spring.

Where is Double L Ranch Located

Nestled within the rolling hills of Dripping Springs, Texas, Double L Ranch is a breathtakingly beautiful 1,677-acre master-planned community. Its stunning views stretch across our beloved Texas Hill Country and walking trails that lead to the Little Barton Creek.

Double L Ranch Neighborhood

When developing Double L Ranch they were dedicated to preserving the beauty of Texas Hill Country. The carefully planned green belts provide adventure for the entire family by hiking, biking or just walking the trails.

Double L Ranch Plans For Development

In 2012, the city approved the original development plan, but some amendments have been made since – we are not sure what they are. The Double L Ranch area that was originally going to host a business park on the west side of RR 12 has now changed to become an area full of single-family homes with lots ranging from 60-70 feet. Commercial development continues to be clustered along RR 12.

While the expansion of houses will no doubt bring an increase in population and traffic in Dripping Springs. Most local’s biggest complaint about Dripping Springs is traffic. It is speculated that an additional elementary school might need to be built in order to accommodate this growth. Building of a new school remains speculation and nothing has been confirmed.

On top of a new residential area, developers are paying for the construction of a two-lane road leading from the development up to Hwy 290. This road should reduce traffic on RR 12. This will be done by 2025.

New Homes for Sale in Double L Ranch Dripping Springs
The Double L Ranch concept plan shows residential and commercials uses north of downtown Dripping Springs. (Concept plan courtesy city of Dripping Springs)


Residents of the proposed neighborhood in Double L Ranch – they won’t be paying any property taxes to the city of Dripping Springs! It’s because these homes are located in Dripping Springs’ extraterritorial jurisdiction, which is a buffer zone outside the official limits. This means that certain regulations over things like drainage will be limited for this project.

Parks in Double L Ranch

The total parkland will span over 500 acres and will include both public and private parks. The development itself will adhere to lower density than other neighborhoods in Dripping Springs, with an average of 1.3 homes per acre.

Builders of Double L Ranch

Highland Homes
Scott Felder Homes
Perry Homes
Westin Homes
Dress Custom Homes

Double L Ranch Site Planning

Sawyer Ranch Crossing
Davenport Ranch
Creekside Multi-family
Tech Ridge Center
Tannehill Townhomes
Windmill Hill

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